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Vacancy law

Renting your home temporarily with the Vacancy Law?

When your house is for sale but not selling it is possible to rent it out temporarily through the Vacancy Law.

The Civil Code provides well regulated protection to tenants. For landlords this often means terminating a lease is difficult. Under the Vacancy Law many of the tenancy protection rules do not apply, making it easier for home-owners to temporarily rent out a sale property.

A permit to rent your property using the Vacancy Law must be applied for from your local council. You can easily apply for this permit yourself. A permit is generally valid for 5 years.
You can set the rental price for your sale property as you wish based on market prices – not limited by the government!

The lease must be entered into for at least 6 months. The landlord has a notice period of at least 3 months and the tenant at least 1 month.

The lease will automatically stop when the license expires. If an extension of the permit has been applied but not yet granted - then the lease will continue until a decision has been made.

The main advantages of the Vacancy Law are:

  • No double mortgage expenses;
  • During the rental period, your property will remain on sale;
  • Viewings must be permitted – but by appointment;
  • The tenant has no security at the end of the lease. The tenant must leave your home at the end of the rental period;
  • An uninhabited house declines very rapidly.

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