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Sale of your property

Sale of your property:

Its not every day you sell a home. The process has both a financial aspect as well as an emotional one – with many questions. Good advice and professional guidance is important and House Select is here to support you!

Taking your specific wishes into account we will do our best to make the sale or purchase of your property happen.

Our advice and guidance is always tailor-made. House Select will work with you to explain the sales process, make a clear marketing plan, and discuss the best option for presenting your home on the sale market. Lastly with your input we determine the asking price and our strategy for selling your property.

Potential buyers are given full information and ample time to view your home. Of course, we make sure you get a proper feedback and regular updates on the sale status.

A well-styled house does wonders for the sale of your property. Our sales stylist can advise you on the optimum presentation your property at a reasonable rate.

Remember - first impressions count!

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