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Home rental

Temporary home rental?

Our organization 'House Select Holland' understands better than anyone that the decision to rent your home privately will bring with it not only many practical questions but emotional ones too. We therefore take a minimum of 1 hour to fully explain, free of obligation, all about the rental market. During this interview we will listen carefully to your needs and expectations and at the same time can give you a competitive market price indication. Enquiries by phone or e-mail are also welcome.

House Select Holland works on "no cure, no pay" basis. We will not charge you any registration or contract fees up front – which means you will only pay if we actually find a tenant for you. This allows us to work with large reputable international companies!

Property presentation

A professional presentation will help greatly in a prompt rental of your property. We attach great importance to just the right photos and texts on our website to give prospective tenants a good impression of your home. Properties placed on our website will also automatically be displayed on such platforms such Pararius, Xpatrentals, HuizenZoeker and, if wished, on Funda. This brings your home to the attention of as many potential tenants as possible. Further to this we offer an extensive network of fellow mediators and relocation agencies with which we share our property listings. All designed to let your property faster!

Property viewing / candidate screening

Viewing a property for rent is the same as viewing one for sale – and we strive to maintain flexibility for our clients and owners. However, unlike viewing a home for sale, you are welcome to join us during the viewing with a potential tenant - questions relating to your home can be answered immediately!

Allowing us a set of keys to your property does offer greater flexibility for agreeing viewings with you at times when you are too far away or otherwise unable to attend. As far as possible all potential tenants are thoroughly screened prior to signing the final lease agreement by checking their passport validity, employer's declaration, recent pay slip, bank transfer or other important data. In addition, we will call their employer for additional verification.

Negotiation and contract administration

After an offer has been made we will help with the negotiations between the prospective tenant and the owner. We will draw up a detailed and clear legal lease agreement and will guarantee that the first month's rent and the security deposit is received before the new tenant can enter the property.

Check-in / Check-out

The start date given in the lease, unless otherwise agreed, will also be the date of the key exchange. House Select will make a full inspection report to avoid later issues. At the end of the rental period the inspection report is used for comparison and to determine whether any items are missing and whether unexpected damages occurred during the tenancy period. Should this be the case we will of course support you with the settlement of these issues!

Renewal of a rental period

Should you choose to keep your home in the rental market House Select will be happy to start the search for a new suitable tenant.

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